JavaScript Foundations

Stop Faking It, and Unleash the True Power of JavaScript
6 Video Lessons: 4 hrs, 41 mins

This course aims to get you started on the path toward JavaScript mastery. You will learn how to: create code that can make basic decisions; create efficient debugging techniques with browser developer tools; access and modify HTML elements and CSS styles on a page; and use JavaScript to communicate with a server. This course will also introduce you to the rapidly growing world of JavaScript Libraries, and you'll get a chance to create a simple application with Backbone.js.

UX Fundamentals

Learning to Design for Your Users
6 Video Lessons: 3 hrs, 3 mins

Understanding the basic principles of UX is critical for anyone working in web design and development today. This course will introduce you to these fundamental principles.

jQuery Building Blocks

5 Ways to Cut Your Development Time in Half
6 Video Lessons: 3 hrs, 36 mins

In this practical introduction to jQuery, the world’s most popular HTML-augmentation library, students will learn five techniques to quickly and easily improve their products. By the end of the class, students will be able to add features and style to their web apps, from simple animations to complex dynamic content.

Responsive Web Design

Promote Yourself Responsively: Build a Portfolio for Every Device
12 Video Lessons: 6 hrs, 17 mins

In this course, you’ll learn best practices for building responsive websites that adapt to different devices and user behaviors. Essential elements of responsive design to be covered include: designing with flexible grids; creating layouts which incorporate typography and fluid media; using CSS media queries; responsive web typography; the Mobile First approach; in-browser design, tools, and resources; and Responsive Web Design workflows. Additionally, you’ll discover the best ways to future-proof your websites and develop web-based solutions that are device-independent. By the end of this course you will have built a sample responsive website from scratch. You will also come away with code samples and additional responsive design resources.

Coding for Designers

How to Be a Web Designer that Developers Love
6 Video Lessons: 5 hrs, 26 mins

This course is an introduction to HTML and CSS for designers. Professional design experience is a prerequisite, but no prior web or coding experience is necessary. Students will learn how to translate graphic design to the web; about common pitfalls many print designers face when moving to the web; the basics of how HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Flash work together; how to prototype designs into working web pages; and how to troubleshoot layout and code problems when they come up.


Gym Shorts are short, snackable courses that all last under an hour. Like our longer courses, they are practical, taught by experienced practitioners, and focused on in-demand skills and technologies.

Creating a Wordpress Theme

1 Video Lesson. Total Runtime: 1 hour, 4 mins

Learn how to convert a static HTML page, styled with CSS, into a custom WordPress theme. This 60-minute Gym Short will show you how to set up a local development environment, add WordPress tags to your design, and apply the theme to your WordPress site.

Grid Layout in Bootstrap 3.0

Get up to speed with the Twitter Bootstrap's grid layout system and learn how to build a responsive web page.
1 Video Lesson. Total Runtime: 1 hour, 3 mins

In this course you will learn how to get up and running with Bootstrap 3.0 in a matter of minutes and build a responsive layout that looks great on multiple screen sizes and devices. We will focus specifically on grid layout in Bootstrap with an emphasis on prototyping. By the end of the course you will be able to use Bootstrap for virtually any layout you can imagine and have a strategy for moving it quickly into production.

Introducing Node.js

Node.js is part runtime environment and part library for building network applications using server-side JavaScript.
1 Video Lesson. Total Runtime: 52 mins

In this course you will get a demonstration of how to build a sample "social profile" form using Node.js. Concepts covered include installing Node and Express, working with Jade, reading and writing data from a JSON file, and storing references in JSON data. By the end of the course you will have a solid overview of the benefits of using Node.js and a starting point for integrating Node into your workflow.

Defeating Busy

Time Estimation and Management for Web Professionals
1 Video Lesson. Total Runtime: 49 mins

Being busy is not a bad thing, but not being in control of your own time is. In this course, you’ll learn how to estimate, plan, track, and manage your time to complete projects. There is no silver bullet that can defeat busy, but the best practices described here will at least give you the upper hand!