Introducing Node.js

Node.js is part runtime environment and part library for building network applications using server-side JavaScript.

In this course you will get a demonstration of how to build a sample "social profile" form using Node.js. Concepts covered include installing Node and Express, working with Jade, reading and writing data from a JSON file, and storing references in JSON data. By the end of the course you will have a solid overview of the benefits of using Node.js and a starting point for integrating Node into your workflow.

Meet the instructor

image Jason Hargrove is an Internet-focused content distributor, photojournalist, and filmmaker based in Toronto and working at fashion weeks around the world. His life has been powered by mobile and web software development & brand advertising. He is a full-stack software engineer working in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, HTML, CSS, Drupal, & other technologies — most often for early-stage startups and media companies.