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What is
Aquent Gymnasium?

The skills gap is getting in the way.

It prevents companies from engaging customers across devices and taking advantage of emerging technologies.

It also prevents digital, creative, and communications professionals from producing great work, delivering results and advancing their careers.

Aquent Gymnasium bridges the skills gap by taking what we've learned from our clients and developing free, online courses that teach digital designers and front-end developers today's most in demand skills.

Our Courses

At Aquent Gymnasium, we offer free online courses focused on practical digital skills like Coding for Designers and Responsive Web Design.

We teach the skills that are in demand right now with courses designed and taught by experienced practitioners, who know how to apply these skills in the real world.

If you're a working professional ready to hone your skills and do your best work, check out what Aquent Gymnasium has to offer.

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"I can't express enough how much I have enjoyed this Responsive Web Design course from top to bottom. The instruction videos and material were top-notch and entertaining. Thanks to all the instructors in the forum and all of the effort put into creating this course. The fact that you make this available for free is incredible. I would absolutely have no problems paying for this material, it's premium quality." - Justin

"I am thrilled to see that the 'Skills Gap' is being recognized. Coding for Designers was one of the best online class experiences I have ever had. Jim Webb has such a great teaching style and delivery. I felt encouraged all the way through the course. I was especially amazed with uploading the homework assignments on the forum and having a "real" response from an instructor...WOW!" - Janelle